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Antari ANF701

Multi-Position Fogger with 22-RGBA 3W LED's
Item #:ANF701 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship
The Antari M-7 RGBA™ is a powerful multi-position fogger with (22) 3W LEDs surrounding the output area, which add intense color effects to each fog burst. Features include a unique structural design that provides for versatile rigging options, (5) Red, (6) Green, (6) Blue, and (5) Amber LEDs, an easy accessible fluid tank compartment for refill and transportation ease, and an included W-2 wireless timer/volume remote control.
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  Power: AC120 /60Hz
  Power Consumption: 1550W
  Fog Output: Height 5 Meters, Width 1 Meter
  Maximum Operating Time: 8 Second Burst
  First-time Heat Up Time: 5 Minutes (approximate)
  Tank Capacity: 2.4 Liters
  Fluid Consumption: 150 ml/ per minute
  Control Option: On-Board LCD Screen, Wireless Remote, 9 Channel DMX and Master/Slave Modes
  Control Feature: Timer, Volume, LED Color and Chase Macros
  Remote Included: W-2 Wireless Remote
  LEDs: (22) 3W LEDs (5-Red, 6-Green, 6-Blue, 5-Amber)
  Weight: 11.5 Kg
  Dimensions: L 345 x W 193 x H 386 mm
 FLC - For Cyro Effect
 FLR - For Standard Fog Effect
Antari FLC-4 Extremely Fast Dissipating Fog Fluid / 4 Liter Bottle
Specially designed for W-715 Fog Jet, the Z-1520RGB and any other fog machine where an extremely fast dissipating fog is necessary.
Item #:
Antari FLR-4 Low Lying Fog Fluid - Standard Waterbase / 4 Liters
Antari Fog liquids are optimized for use with all Antari fog machines and are suitable for use in most other brands where a premium fluid is desired. Fluids are formulated to increase the longevity of any fog machine. Antari FLR Fog Fluid (red formula) is specially formulated for all Antari® Low Lying Fog Machines and Standard water based fog machines when a quick dissipating fog is desired. Antari Fog Liquid is a water-based composition that leaves absolutely no oily residue. FLR is odorless, non-irritating, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Available in 4 and 20 liter containers.
Item #: