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Skjonberg CS-800

8 Channel Hoist Controller (remote and case not included)
Item #:CS-800 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship

The leader in our line of hoist controls, the CS-800 enables eight chain motors to be run individually or in unison. Both power distribution and relay control for the hoists reside in the same compact unit. The basic design runs 3 phase motors at 208V-220V. The 50 amp input provides adequate current to run (8) 1hp motors. Each of the 4 circuit breakers protects 2 motors. The CS-800's fully enclosed chassis can be mounted onto truss using half couplers, mounted into a CS model road case, or can be installed into any standard rack. Single units can be packaged together to form larger control groups. The CS-800 can also provide the relay control interface between the CHCII computer and the motors. Manual hoist selection and running is accomplished using any of our Remote Manual Run Handsets. A typical package is shown with our P8-CS-SQ-AK25 remote with 25 ft remote cable hardwired into the handset.

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  • Runs up to 8 hoists
  • 50 amp Hubbell power input connector
  • Hubbell power and control output connectors
  • 50 amp main emergency disconnect contactors
  • Safety keyswitch for on/off and phase selection
  • Input phase reversal
  • Phase power indicators
  • Choice of chassis:19"€ rack mountable or radial curved sides for standalone use
  • Branch circuit breaker protection, 2 hoists per breaker
  • Protective bar over circuit breakers
  • UL and C/UL 508A Listed


  • Road case with casters and remote storage pocket
  • Phase okay indicator light
  • Out of phase alarm or lockout function
  • Half couplers for truss attachment
  • Modification to run single phase hoists up to 50amps total current
  • Phase selector switch in place of keyswitch


  • Rack mountable chassis dimensions:
    19.0 in.W x 24.5 in. H x 6.0 in. D
  • Standalone chassis dimensions:
    16.5 in. W x 24.5 in. H x 7.0 in. D
  • Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Electrical: 208-240 vac, 50amps, 50-60hz, 3 phase


  • Single Phase Hoist Control
  • HCS-800 for 2hp hoists
  • Cam-lok Input
  • Custom Cases
  • Direct Control with Reversing Contactors
  • Control Only, with Remote or Local Run
  • Multi-unit Packaging
Skjonberg P8-CS-SQ-AK25 8 Channel Remote Control w/Attached Cable 25'
This 8 channel remote unit with attached 25' cable is compatible with the CS-400R thru the CS-800 series hoist controllers.
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Skjonberg P8-CS-SL-D 8 Channel Remote Slimline Control w/ Detached Cable
This 8 channel slimline remote unit with a detachable cable is compatible with the CS-400R thru the CS-800 series hoist controllers. Cable is sold separately.
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Skjonberg CBL-RC-TJ21K-25 25' Remote Cable for CS Series Remotes/ Controller to Remote
25' control cable for CS series remotes controllers with detached cable option. This is used from controller to remote.

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