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Skjonberg CS-400

4 Channel Hoist Controller-Local Control Only
Item #:CS-400 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship

The CS-400 is a local run only controller. This is designed for the user who never plans to grow beyond 4 channels. The hoist select and run capability are on the relay control box, eliminating the need to purchase a remote handset and multicable. A run button on a 25 ft cord is included for convenient running. Power distribution and relay control for the hoists are supplied. The basic design runs 3 phase motors at 208V-220V. A 30 amp Hubbell Twistlock input provides adequate current to run four 1hp motors. Each circuit breaker protects 2 motors. The CS-400S is available to run most single phase motors.

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  • Runs up to 4 hoists
  • 30amp Hubbell power input connector
  • Hubbell power and control output connectors
  • 50amp main emergency disconnect contactors
  • Safety keyswitch for on/off and phase selection
  • Input phase reversal
  • Phase power indicators
  • Choice of chassis: 19" rack mountable or radial curved sides for stand- alone use
  • Branch circuit breaker protection, 2 hoists per breaker
  • Protective bar over circuit breakers
  • Momentary run switch with 25 ft cord


  • Road case with casters and remote storage pocket
    (not shown)
  • Phase okay indicator light
  • Out of phase alarm or lockout function
  • Half couplers for truss attachment
  • Modification to run single phase hoists up to 50 amps total current
  • Phase selector switch in place of keyswitch


  • Rack mountable chassis dimensions:
    19.0 in.W x 15.75 in. H x 6.0 in. D
  • Standalone chassis dimensions:
    16.5 in. W x 15.75 in. H x 7.0 in. D
  • Weight: 32 lbs.
  • Electrical: 208-240 vac, 30 amps, 50-60 hz, 3 phase