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VMB TL-A400/8

TL-A Line Array Series 881 lbs. / 26.9' Max
Item #:TL-A400/8 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship

The TL-A400/8 Is VMB’s newest design of towerlift for lifting up to 881 lbs. of line array audio cabinets to a max height of 26.9’. It features the latest advances in safety and strength for lifting line array.

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1.0 6994.27

The TL-A400/8 features the ALS red auto-locks of VMB, which automatically locks each section while lifting. It also features the SRS retainer system, patented by VMB, which guarantees that the towerlift will raise the aluminum sections in orderly sequence. It has powerful stabilizers in the legs, to level the lifter in difficult terrains, with slight slope. Compact and easy to handle, it rolls on casters and fits through a standard door. VMB also offers you a wide range of accessories, which combined with this lifter allows you to increase its applications. One of the most used accessories, for example, is the FAS-01, which is used to hang line array audio systems in a fast and effortless way. Manufactured by VMB in Spain.


  • Max Height:       26.9 ft. (8.2m)
  • Max load:           881.9 lbs. (400kg)
  • Safety:                ALS Auto-Lock
  • Footprint:           8.4’ x 7’ (2.57 x 2.1m)
  • Winch:                1200 kg winch
  • Load Forks:        2.5 ft. (.75m) Load Forks Included
  • Weight:               507 lbs. (230 kg)


  • ALS:  VMB’s ‘Red Lever’ auto-lock safety locking system.
  • SRS:  Patented Sequence Retainer System guarantees that the towerlift will raise the sections in sequence.
  • ILS:  Inertial Lock System, an inertial pendulum safety system for the aluminum lifting carriage.
  • Cable Guide System:  Ensures the steel cable will wind orderly on the winch drum.
  • Heavy Set Overlap:  The mast sections have additional overlap when the lift is extended making the tower stronger than ever.
  • Protective Cover:  A guard covers the cable guide providing additional safety for users.
  • DIN 56950-3 and DGUV17:  The TL-A400/8 meets the world’s latest, most stringent safety standards.
  • Black Powder Coat:  Black satin powder coat finish for durability and optimal appearance on stage.
  • Load Limit System:  The TL-A400/8 is available with an OPTIONAL load limit system. 
  • 2 Year Warranty:  2 year warranty from date of purchase.



VMB FAS-01 Support Adapter for BC-075L Forks
Special support to lift PA systems with the forks BC-075L.
Item #:
Item #: