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CSL ProBundle RK-0100

Complete 40' Upstage / 40' Downstage Rigging System
Item #:RK-0100 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship
CSL ProBundles are kits of the gear you need. The RK-0100 bundle provides what you need for a 40' up and downstage truss rigging system which includes motors, truss, control, and more. This bundle includes proven brand names like CM, James Thomas, and Skjonberg. All cable assemblies are Dura-Flex brand made here in North Creek NY. The bundle can be customized for your needs. See below for what is included.
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1.0 19563.42
RK-0100 rigging bundle includes:

8 -  20.5" x 20.5" General Purpose Box Truss- 10' Long
4 -  CM Loadstar Model-L 1 Ton Chain Hoist Three Phase Power / 65 Foot Lift w/Hooks 16FPM  (Truss hang)  
2 -  CM Loadstar Model-F 1/2 Ton Chain Hoist Three Phase Power / 65 Foot Lift w/Hooks 16FPM (Cable picks)  
6 -  Add on handles for motors    
6 -  7 Pin Control/Power Tail for CM Hoist     
6 -  L14-20 Control Tail for CM Hoist Control   
4 -  CM Loadstar Chain Bag w/ L-Frame Support Bracket    
2 -  CM Loadstar Chain Bag w/ F-Frame Support Bracket    
8 -  Suspension Solutions ENR2X6' 6 Foot Round Sling-Black   
4 -  Suspension Solutions ENR2X3'3 Foot Round Sling-Black     
8 -  CM M651B CM Theatrical Shackle 5/8""-Black     
1 -  Dura-Flex 14/7 Cable Set, P3 7 Pin Connectors, 150 Feet  
1 -  Dura-Flex 14/7 Cable Set, P3 7 Pin Connectors, 125 Feet
2 -  Dura-Flex 14/7 Cable Set, P3 7 Pin Connectors, 100 Feet
2 -  Dura-Flex 14/7 Cable Set, P3 7 Pin Connectors, 50 Feet
1 -  Skjonberg CS-800LX 8 Channel Hoist Control/ 7 Pin Outputs   
1 -  Skjonberg P8-CS-SQ-AK25 8 Channel Remote Control w/Attached Cable 25'    
1 -  Skjonberg Roadcase for CS-800LX    
2 -  Hoist Controller/Pickle w/L14-20 Connector- 3' Lead    
2 -  1 Ton Double Motor Case/ New Style Housing    
1 -  1/2 Ton Double Motor Case    
3 -  3/4"" X 60' Black Vinyl Electrical Tape (to bundle your motor cable)

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