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Doug Fleener Design Gizmo

DMX512 Testing Tool
Item #:GIZMO 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship
The GIZMO can transmit, receive, save and playback scenes, and perform a variety of data and cable tests. It features a rugged 1/10" aluminum enclosure, a 16 character by 2 line back lit display, an optically isolated input, a slew-rate limited output, a NiMH rechargeable battery good for four hours of continuous testing, and a five year warranty. A nylon carrying case and AC adapter/charger are included. The full numeric keyboard provides direct channel access and level setting without the need for scrolling. Up to one hundred scenes can be stored in the GIZMO. These can be captured from incoming DMX or built using the AND, THRU and AT keys.
Quantity Price
1.0 918.75
  • Transmit Up to 512 Channels of DMX512 - Select individual channels using the channel check mode, or select groups of channels using the AND and THRU buttons. Adjust levels with the Up/Down arrows, or press the AT key followed by the level to set a specific value. Press CLEAR to deselect channels leaving levels unchanged. Use the GIZMO as a stand-alone console for all your DMX emergencies. Even change the start codes if desired.
  • Receive DMX512 - Receive and display data in several formats. The operator can view all 512 channel levels, selected levels, non-zero channels, the refresh rate, number of channels transmitted, received start codes, flicker, and pass through mode for troubleshooting problems.
  • Save and Recall 100 Scenes - Save and restore snapshots of DMX512 levels. The GIZMO can save and recall up to 100 scenes of either the currently received DMX levels or transmitted data.
  • Continuity, Pin Correctness and Data Reliability - Tests check cables for shorts, open connections, and data reliability.
  • LCD Display - Two line back light display, visible in the dark or direct sunlight with the low power back light display.
  • 9 Volt Battery or AC Power Operation - Uses a typical 9 volt battery or included A/C (wall mount) supply.
  • Durable Metal Housing - The .10" aluminum enclosure can withstand on the road travel
  • Padded Carry Case Included - Manufactured by REELINE features a layer of closed cell foam to protect against moisture.
  • 25 Button Key pad - Full keypad with CLEAR, ENTER, ALL, AND, THRU and TOP buttons.
  • Five Year Warranty - We want you to know it works great.