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Doug Fleenor Designs ES2

Entry Station 2 Architectural Wall Station - White
Item #:ES2-WHT 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship
The Entry Station Two is a stand-alone DMX snapshot recorder which can store two preset scenes or “looks”. It can be used as a stand-alone main station or configured as a remote station in conjunction with another ES2 configured as a main station. It can be used as a remote station with Doug Fleenor Design’s Preset 10-A, Preset 10-A2, or Rerun stations.

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  • In remote mode, the ES2 has two buttons which can be assigned to remotely trigger any of the presets/shows on a master station. 
  • There is also a recessed button which is used to record presets and to set fade times when the ES2 is configured as a main station.
  • White Faceplate and Buttons
Doug Fleenor Designs XFMR Class II Transformer
The model XFMR is a class 2 "doorbell" transformer. It is suitable for use as a power supply with the PRE8-A, PRE10-A, PRE10-A2, ES2 and RERUN-A.

Item #:
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