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Suspension Solutions CV146U

White Tie Line 1/8" 600 Feet Roll-Unglazed
Item #:CV146U 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship

Quantity Price
1.0 51.64
A few notes concerning Tie Line
* Tie Line is NOT LOAD RATED. Tie line is not to be use in any load bearing application with the exception of tying curtains or cables to a batten. This is to be done by qualified personnel only.
* #4 Tie line is 1/8" diameter (.125" or 3.17mm)
* #8 Tie line is 1/4" diameter (.25" or 6.34mm)
* Tie line is typically available in black or white only
* Tie line is available in glazed or unglazed.
* Glazed tie line is lightly wax coated, it's very slightly tacky.
* Unglazed tie line is not coated, and is slightly fuzzy feeling.
* Tie line is made with a braided cotton jacket that surrounds a bundle of synthetic fibers that make up the core.
* Tie line is Not Recommended for use where Risk of Injury to Personnel or Risk of Damage to Property is Involved. Tie line is Not for Overhead Lifting.