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Ultratec CFL 4520

Premier Fog Effects Generator 110VAC
Item #:CLF 4520 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship
The Premier Fog Effects Generator featuring DMX control with RDM functionality driven by DFD Technology. The Powder Coated Stainless Steel Chassis is manufactured to hold 4L/1 Gallon Jug of Ultratec’s Genuine Fog Fluid. The Premier Fog Effects Generator is built with Ultratec’s Award Winning Rapid-Change Technology with heating capacity of 1400 watts. The Dual Processor Design with precision temperature control featuring, ice-point reference and isolated thermocouple allows for Continuous Flow Output. The LED Displays and Indicators allow ease of use for the operator, no more broken DMX buttons or strained eyes. There are 3 modes of Operation Control “Stand-Alone” to “Analog Remote” or “Ultimately to DMX-RDM data”. The Premier Fog Effects Generator comes equipped with a 25’ Hand Held Timer Remote which can be extended with optional cables.
Quantity Price
1.0 2133.48


  • Continuous Fog Output
  • Rapid Change Heat Exchanger Design
  • On-Board DMX/RDM Control
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Chassis
  • Electromechanical Over Temperature Protection
  • Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Includes a Rapid Change Replacement Kit
  • Easy to Address DMX Touch Button Selector
  • Illuminated Fog Ready Switch on Remote
  • Includes Full Function Timer Remote Control


Length: 21 in / 56 cm
Width: 10 in / 25 cm
Height: 9 in / 23 cm
Net Weight: 29 lbs / 13.2 kg
Net Weight/w Fluid: 39 lbs / 17.7 kg
Power Cord: 6 ft - 1.8 m
Heater Watts: 1400 w
Rating: 110 Volt A.C. 50/60 Hz. 12 Amps.
Regulatory Compliance: This product has been certified to CSA/UL Standards by QPS Canada Inc.

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