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Ultratec CLF 3000

Fog Effects Generator
Item #:CLF 3000 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship

The G3000 is the ultimate fog machine featuring, DMX control, 2000w Dual Core Rapid Change Block, LSG compatibility, low fluid detection, continuous thermal control and a full functional back lit digital remote. The stainless steel body holds a one-gallon jug making it an ideal solution for continuous use in many different applications or environments.

The G3000 Fog Effects Generator has our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service and a Lifetime Warranty on the heat exchanger.

Quantity Price
1.0 3621.73



  • 2000 Watt Dual Core Heating Block
  • LSG Compatibility
  • Electronic Low Fluid Detection
  • Continuous Output
  • Fully Functional Digital Back lit Remote
  • Rapid Change Technology
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Heavy Duty Comfortable Handles
  • One-Gallon Jug Holder


Run Time: Continuous
Reheat Time: 12 minutes
Fluid Consumption: Burst - 320 cc/ min. - Continuous - 80 cc/ min.
Technical Benchmark Spec.: Continuous - 22,400 cfm @ 1 meter visibility;

Burst - 5,600 cfm @ 1 meter visibility

Competitive Comparison: 40,000 cfm
Ultratec CFF 2501 Maxi Fog Fluid - 4 Liter
The perfect balance between price and performance. Maxi Fog Fluid is the ideal solution for those who require high volume without compromise.
Item #:
CFF 2501
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Ultratec CFF 2730 Extra Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid - 4 Liter

Dissipates 2 times the rate of Quick Dissipating Fluid while maintaining similar characteristics.

Item #:
CFF 2730
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Ultratex CFF 2751 Directors Choice - 4 Liter
The choice for professionals. Director's Choice creates a cloud of fog with a medium hang time while remaining clean, white, dry, and odorless.
Item #:
CFF 2751
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Ultratec CFF 2760 Pro Beam Long Lasting Fog Fluid - 4 Liter
With a hang time 2- 3 times greater than the Director's Choice Fluid, the Pro Beam solution produces a slightly less white fog while remaining clean, dry, and odorless.
Item #:
CFF 2760
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Ultratec CFF 2801 EZ Kleen Preventative Maintenance Fluid - 4 Liter

Using EZ Kleen preventative maintenance fluid on a regular basis ensures longer life for the heat exchanger in Ultratec fog machines by reducing blockage.

*Do not use this fluid in the Radiance Hazer.

Item #:
CFF 2801
Ultratec CFF 2901 Molecular Fog Fluid - 4 Liter
A faster dissipation versus the Director's Choice Fog Fluid. This thick, clean, white fog is an optimal solution for a dense low-lying fog effect when chilled with the LSG or LSX machines.
Item #:
CFF 2901
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