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Ultratec CLF 2480

Radiance Hazer Touring System
Item #:CLF 2480 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship

Ultratec´s Radiance Touring System combines our Radiance Water Based Hazer and our powerful Versa Fan into a compact road case. The Radiance Hazer is mounted above the Versa Fan so the haze is in the air stream after the fan. This ensures that residue does not build up in the fan which can cause damage. The Versa Fan is mounted on brackets that slide easily when the fan is pulled out into set up position and glides back into place for storage. The fan can be adjusted to different angles depending on the required location for the haze dispersion. The rear door allows easy access for either using the remote, DMX or the stand alone mode.

The Radiance Touring System has our standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service.

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Ultratec CFF 2855 Luminous 7 Radiance Hazers Haze Fluid- 4 Liter
Designed for the Radiance Hazer, this water based fluid creates an evenly dispersed, dry, and long lasting haze.
Item #:
CFF 2855