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VMB CB-600

Lifting Audio PA Kit for TE-086
Item #:CB-600 
Available: In Stock
A CB-600 lifting PA Kit for one side of a PA system consists of the following:
(2) TE-086 (sold separately)
(2) PSU-086B (sold separately)
(1) 29cm x 2m Truss
(sold separately)
(1) MTP11.4375 Mega Truss Pick
(sold separately)

Quantity Price
1.0 608.80
Excellent solution for Lifting PA
Uses standard TE-086 Tower lifts
Quick and easy set up
Small transport size
Uses weight of bass cabinets to provide additional stability
Max Height - 22.3 feet (6.8m)
Max lifted PA load 1323 lbs. (600kg)
Max Subwoofer load ( 1764 lbs. (800 kg)
Complete system weight (one side, less PA) - 697 lbs. (316 kg)

CB-600 Components:
(2) CB-600T Outrigger Support
(3) CB-600L Longitudinal Support

VMB TE-086B Telescopic Series Towerlift 661 lbs. / 21.3' Max
The TE-086 is the largest telescopic Towerlift VMB offer, designed for professional uses where a height of more than 6m is required and where a heavy load is being used. The five sections of the TE-086 are operated with a steel cable through a manual winch with a disc brake. The sections remain automatically fixed to required height by the locks of the exclusive ALS Auto Lock Security system. The ALS system fixes the sections to the required height, blocking the Towerlift and avoiding the cable to support the load when operating. It makes it impossible for the load to fall and guarantees complete working security. It has four stabilizing legs that can be removed and come with disc feet, swivel wheels and a spirit level that helps to maintain the vertical position of the Towerlift. Each section is fitted with a manual screw so the user can control which section rises first.
Item #:
VMB PSU-086B Adjustable Support for Truss for TE086 Lift 50mm Insertion
TE-086 adjustable support for truss, with U-piece and pin. Insertion of 50 mm
Item #:
Global Mega Truss Pick Truss Pickup for Euro Trussing -11.4375"/ 1 Ton
Fits Global, Prolyte, Milos, Etc. trussing with 11-7/16" truss cord. This Mega-Truss Pick is notched to fit under the diagonal bracing of this European style of truss. The Mega-Truss Pick is stronger than your truss. Always follow your truss manufacturer's specifications for loading your truss. Never overload your truss. MH = Multi-hole.
Item #: