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Leprecon ULD-360 WDMX

High Power, Edison Duplex, 6 Channel Dimmer,-Wireless DMX Control
Item #:90-06-0287 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship
* Power in-15A dual cable(2xNema 5-15 plugs), 2x15A Breakers, 1800W/1800W @ 120V
* Typical application - 6 x 300w, 6 x 500w, 6 x 575w, @ 120V

When it comes to a dimmer pack you can trust, the ULD ranks as the industry leader in small portable treemount dimmer packs. Production and rental companies alike have come to rely on the ULD dimmers for a wide variety of uses. The solid design and construction assure that they will handle the most demanding conditions no matter what the environment. Schools and houses of worship will also appreciate the simple setup and rock solid performance. Choose from stage-pin, Edison or socapex output connectors.

Quantity Price
1.0 1506.89
Features include:
4 & 6 channel models
1800 & 3600 watt models
15 amp, 1800 & 3600 watt models w/Nema 5-15 power plugs, ETL listed
20 amp, 3600 watt models with 2 Nema 5-20 power plugs
Stage-pin, Edison or socapex outputs
LED Display
4 programmable output settings per channel
- Linear, non-dim, fluorescent, or fixed intensity
Over-temp/Over-volt protection
25 amp SSR power devices for reliability
Encapsulated chokes for quiet operation
Built-in mounting bracket