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SGM G-Profile

LED Moving Head Profile- IP65 Rated
Item #:80021010 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship
The moving head product range is now expanded with a new, exclusive LED framing version named G-Profile. Alternatively, an add-on framing shutter module is interchangeable with the gobo module of the original G-Spot. The framing allows the G-Profile to perform beam-shaping images and projections via four individually controllable blades, each adjustable ±30 degrees while the module is rotatable through ±45 degrees.The G-Profile still provides the option of combining framing techniques with 5 rotating gobos and opens for gobo animation and interaction when framing is used. This is a perfect appliance for enhancing performance for television productions, theatres and architectural installations.
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The G-Profile advantages include: 

  • High power RGBY LED light source
  • IP65 rating
  • Maintenance-free and multi-environmental fixture
  • Advanced and adjustable framing shutters
  • No accumulation of dust or externally induced impact on internal optics, gobos or the light source unit
  • No smoke fluid build-up inside
  • Perfect inner cleanness of the luminary
  • Excellent performance in any conditions