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City Theatrical 5702M

Show Baby 6 Wireless DMX Transmitter-Receiver/ 5 Pin XLR
Item #:5702-M 
Available: In Stock
SHoW DMX SHoW Baby 6 wireless dmx represents a breakthrough in plug-and-play wireless DMX. It's incredibly easy to use and incredibly affordable, while for the first time offering the quality and advanced features of SHoW DMX Neo Maximum Bandwidth Technology. SHoW DMX Maximum Bandwidth Technology allows SHoW DMX users to avoid nearly all broadcast interference by confining their radio output to the general area of  Wi-Fi channel 14, which is not used at all in the U.S. and is used relatively less in other countries.  The new, sixth, SHoW ID in SHoW Baby 6 gives SHoW Baby Max Technology capability to help avoid interference in a crowded spectrum. A single unit that can be used either as a wireless DMX Transmitter or Receiver.  
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  • SHoW DMX Neo 2.4GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Radio
  • Wirelessly broadcast and receive a full Universe (512 slots) of DMX
  • Robust wireless DMX512 and RDM data transmission
  • 6 Possible SHoW IDs€“ including the original SHoW Baby 201, and Neo Max
  • Full compatibility with previous SHoW Babys
  • Extremely low 7mS latency
  • RDM proxy and responder functions
  • Instant plug-and-play configuration: For a Transmitter, connect DMX IN, for a Receiver, don'€™t!
  • 72mW ETSI broadcast power
  • Mounting Bracket for installation with C-Clamps or similar hanging hardware
  • Included CL2 12VDC Power Supply with international plug set
  • Included 2dBi Omni-directional Antenna
  • Neutrik® 5P XLR Connectors for DMX IN and DMX OUT


  • NEMA 1 Steel and ABS enclosure
  • Aluminum Mounting Bracket for ½" Hardware for C-Clamp or other hanging hardware

Electronic/ Functional Features

  • DMX IN and OUT via Neutrik 5P XLRs
  • LED indicators:
    • Tx (set as transmitter)
    • Rx (set as receiver)
    • Data (data present): color indicates SHoW ID
    • Green-201
    • Cyan-102
    • Magenta-117
    • White-133
    • Red-149     
    • Yellow-165
    • RF Signal Strength (4 LEDS) Low to High



  • RoHS Compliant
  • CE Certified
  • FCC Certified