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Vari-Lite VLZ Profile

White LED-CMY Profile Luminaire w/Framing Shutters
Item #:26.105.0002.00 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship
The familiar CMY-CTO color system creates stunning, seamless mixed colors. The dual fixed color wheel with linear control gives access to Vari-Lite colors and split color combinations. Color shake and color wheel spin control have also been added to the mix. Both mid-air and high quality projection of images is achieved by the 2 gobo wheels loaded with Vari-Lite exclusive gobo patterns. An additional continuously indexing or rotatable animation wheel further enhances the projected effect.
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Key features and benefits

24,000 lumens. 8-50° zoom.
High ouput white light LED light source engine to maintain constant high output light levels.
16-bit dimmer control with 4 sectable curves.
Fast, accurate and repeatable movement on all functions.
Framing shutter system 4 blade with independent control and frame rotation +/- 50 degree either side of center.
1 fully rotating and indexing gobo wheel 7 + open. 1 fixed rotating gobo wheel 7 + open loaded with interchangeable glass mid-air effect and breakup gobos
Wide zoom range.
High quality image projection via 140mm (5 1/2”) front lens.
3-way frost control. 3 facet prism. Iris for beam size reduction.
Animation wheel with continuous indexable /rotation.
Color mixing system CMY + CTO color control. 6 fixed color - 1 color wheels 6 + open with color shake and wheel spin functions.