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Vari-Lite VL1100 LED Shutter

445W White LED CMY 3200K Spot Fixture w/ Framing Shutters
Item #:20.1602.0001.01 
Available: Special Order/Direct Ship
The new VL1100 LED delivers high quality light and consistent color reproduction, the lighting designer's first true alternative to traditional tungsten source in a moving head fixture. A perfect 'tungsten' color shift and an innovative hybrid cooling system smoothly optimize the balance between light output and noise.
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Key features and benefits

Exclusive low-energy Philips LED engine
Color reproduction consistent with existing VL1100
Hybrid liquid / forced air cooling system
4-blade framing system (S version)
CMY color mixing system
Super zoom angles to 70°
High CRI light output
Tungsten red shift emulation during dimming
User definable control of output/noise ratio
16-leaf Iris (I version)
Continuously variable zoom range 19°-36°