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High End Systems Axon HD

Axon HD Media Server (Road Case not included)
Item #:76020003 
Available: In Stock
 Single output media server capable of 4 layers of simultaneous HD playback and up to 10 layers of content and masks. Audio playback and a full warp engine have been included in the small for chassis making Axon HD the most compact and cost effective product in our range. Features including Collage Generator and Curved Surface Support are also included as is the largest library of stock content available in the market. The stock content has been enhanced with the addition of new HD content, allowing users to create stunning visual environments without necessarily relying on expensive custom content. Alongside the single graphics output is a dedicated output for the CMA.
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Server Chassis:

  • Custom-designed small form-factor 2U chassis
  • Dimensions: 19" x 11"L x 3.5"€H
  • Thermal Controlled fans for quiet operation
  • Integrated DMX I/O ports

Computer Hardware:

  • Haswell generation Intel i7- 4770 quad core processor
  • ASUS H87I-Plus Mini-ITX motherboard
  • Sapphire HD7750
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 256 GB Solid State Hard Drive
  • DVI output

Software Features:

  • Windows 7 Embedded 64-bit operating system
  • Microsoft DirectX 11 for graphics and FFMPEG video decoding
  • Full HD graphics engine upgrade.  Content is now played back and rendered at native resolution throughout the entire graphics engine
  • 3D Image Warping Engine with ability to save 255 preconfigured warps
  • Audio output
  • 10 graphics layers, ability to play 4 simultaneous layers of HD content

Stock Content:

  • Stock content library has been upgraded with new HD media (Approximately 260 files)
  • All original Axon stock content remains for a total of approximately 1700 files